Sunday, January 18, 2009

647 Pajama Brunch

Braving the snow storm this morning four of us trekked pajama-clad to the South End for a delightful Sunday pajama brunch at Tremont 647. While I'm a big fan of 647 for dinner or drinks, I had never actually gone for breakfast. We got a round of applause from the staff upon walking in thanks to surviving the cold and snow in pjs, a nice start to our meal. It was definitely hopping at 1pm when we went, and it was fun to see all the staff and (some) patrons all dressed down and scrubby.

After caffeinating ourselves, it was time for our food. I chose one of the specials for the morning, a scramble with steak and caramelized onions along with toast, hash browns, and applewood bacon. It was a ton of food, very tasty, and not overpriced at $12.

Chris had the gingerbread pancakes, which according to him were really good but not very ginger-y. I didn't taste them, so it could just be his being sick that inhibited his taste buds. I might have expected more than 3 small-ish pancakes for $9.

Melanie kept it on the lighter side with her fruit and yogurt parfait with a side of poached eggs. The parfait looked good, but for $7 I would have wanted something more substantial.

Kristen was the only member of our party somewhat disappointed with her meal, that being the cinnamon french toast. She said that it tasted overly-bready, like toast with cinnamon, as if it hadn't been given enough time soaking in batter.

Overall we had a nice time all cozy in our pajamas and for the most part satisfied with our food. I would definitely do this again, and pending not feeling so hungover, I would love to taste some of their fun brunch cocktails and other food items.

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