Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fenway Restaurant Revival Meeting

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  1. A few notes from the above meeting:

    > 1) The organizers apparently didn't plan for such a large turnout
    > (60-70?). The sound was not amplified, so it was VERY difficult to
    > hear all that was said.
    > 2) Moral support for the business owners, employees, neighbors and
    > patrons was the order of the evening. Owners of the dry cleaners and
    > most of the restaurants expressed their appreciation.
    > 3) The insurance companies are still in the process of appraising the
    > structural damage, potential liability issues etc. (The only
    > determination that I'm aware of thus far is that the fire started in
    > Thornton's and was not caused by arson.)
    > 4) Monty Gold, owner of the building that housed the seven displaced
    > businesses, could not/would not conjecture about any plans to
    > reconstruct, replace, develop or otherwise move forward from the
    > present situation.
    > 5) The guy from the city (Dept of Business Development?) estimated
    > that it would be 2-3 years before anything reopens on that section of
    > Peterborough St.
    > 6) A question was raised about possible housing/ retail development on
    > the affected property and the adjacent block of Kilmarnock St. Since a
    > lengthy and no doubt contentious BRA process would be required to even
    > consider such an idea, the discussion was tabled.
    > 7) A couple of sign-up sheets for further updates were started, but
    > didn't seem to make it very far. Perhaps the Websites* of the Fenway
    > CDC, Fenway Civic and Church restaurant could link interested parties
    > to this Google group or to another central repository of information.
    > *)
    > Please add to or correct these comments as you feel appropriate.
    > Meanwhile, extreme appreciation to the owners and managers of Church
    > for their kind hospitality and their interest in the well-being of the
    > Fenway neighborhood.
    > Dee White
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