Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Bento at Yasu in Brookline!

Thinking about lunch today we had two things in mind - something Asian and something cheap. A Bento box lunch special was precisely what we needed. Having good memories of a meal here some time ago, we headed to Yasu, a Korean, barbecue and sushi restaurant in Coolidge Corner.

The choices for the lunchbox special are pretty straight forward - a few Korean dishes, some sushi combinations, tempura, and a couple of teriyaki dishes. Each comes with a bowl of Miso soup, a salad, rice, and a "chef's choice" surprise. All average around $9, with the exception of one of the sushi selections. I opted for the kalbi(갈비), which is marinated beef short ribs in a "special sauce". Chris went with the spicy pork (돼지불고기), which is fairly self explanatory. After slurping up our miso, which was very good, I was very pleased to see a big bento box chock-full of delicious-looking things headed my way!

In addition to the chosen dish, rice, and salad were 3 pieces of california roll, a noodle salad, and what seemed to be fried orange chicken. The marinated beef was delicious and served alongside the bone it came off of. The "special sauce" was soy-based but I'm not sure what else was going on in there, maybe some ginger, garlic, etc. The "chef's choice" was, indeed, orange chicken with little pieces of baby corn and scallion, and though it was a little bit cold, it was very good. The sushi was pretty standard, and the noodle salad was nice - stir-fried cellophane noodles served cold with little bits of vegetable. It may have been japchae.
Chris' pork was also very tasty. It wasn't super spicy by any means but the thinly sliced pieces of fried pork definitely spent some time with hot chili peppers.

All in all it was a very successful lunch for a total of $24 for two including tax and tip. I'm looking forward to returning!

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