Monday, April 4, 2011

Saus | frietjes, gaufres, and poutine; oh my!

It was a beautiful day, and we thought a nice stroll and brunch of deep-fat-fried goodies would be perfect. So, to Saus it was. We had been particularly excited when we heard Saus was opening up: I mean a joint devoted to fries and waffles; how bad can that be?!

Once we figured out what to order, it wasn't too long before our hot treats were ready. First out were the waffles. I have to say, they were really delicious. Not at all like the waffles mom makes. Mom's are delicious; don't get me wrong. But these... Yum. The waffles at Saus were golden and crispy--an attribute made possible by the caramelization of the 'pearl sugar' that they use. As you might have guessed, Saus also offers a number of different sauces to go on their waffles. We tried the "homemade 'nutella'" (pictured) and the "lemon cream." Both were very good, but we thought the lemon cream was exceptional. (By the way, we all also really loved the dishes they were served in. I think they are local, but I can't remember from where. Nantucket? If anybody knows, please send us a note!) A few comments from P about his waffle: "I enjoyed the pearl-sugar crunch, and the waffles--although small--were delicious. The homemade nutella was not as hazlenutty as the name brand, but I liked that it was more of a sauce than a spread. The lemon cream was light and delicious, but I do wish there had been a bit more on it since it was so good." 

Soon after we devoured the waffles, they called us to the counter to get our frites. J got a fried egg on top of his, while the rest of us did not. Of course, Saus offers a number of creative condiments to dip your fries in: we chose truffle ketchup (fantastic!) and the chipotle mayo. After I'd already picked up my order, I noticed a few sauce specials on a side chalkboard: the sauce called "Green Monster" sounded great, and I'll definitely be getting that next time. (A recent update on their blog indicates that "Green Monster" will be joining the permanent menu of sauces, replacing their pesto.) We loved the way the fries were served in paper cones, which brought back memories of ketchup-and-mayo-smeared faces during afternoon walks in Brugge. The fries were fresh and good, fried well, and nicely salted. We were still hungry, though. We decided that while we were at it, we might as well get poutine as well.
Now, I never would associate poutine with Belgium; but, hey, everybody's doing fusion nowadays, so why not Belgo-Québécois?! In short, the poutine was great. We all had some and left full. We already knew the fries were good, the sauce brune was very nice, and the curds had begun to melt just enough to where they were creamy yet still held their shape. I only wish there had been more curds to go around. P adds some comments: "The poutine was great and the gravy was not as heavy as some gravy on poutine can be. It will fill you up without making you stuffed."

Along with the food, we were very happy with the friendly staff. They were very attentive and checked to make sure everything was to our liking. The décor was also very cute. Seating is limited, but hopefully that won't be a problem come summer as folks are more inclined to get a cone of fries to go.

We left happy and satisfied, talking about what we'd order the next time...

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  1. Renee from Saus here...the dishes are from Christmas Tree Shop haha!