Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geoffrey's Cafe Back Bay!

Having eaten at Geoffrey's maybe a dozen times since living down the street I thought it high time I write a review! No stranger to Back Bay, Geoffrey's actually originally opened here in 1991 before opening a second location in the South End, closing the Back Bay location, and then moving to Roslindale. Though I never had eaten at these other locations in the past, the current location at Columbus and Berkeley can't be beat!

The menu is very large and quite eclectic, serving everything from chicken and dumplings to a 7 Vegetable Cous Cous. Everything is beyond reasonable, with hearty sandwiches with black bean salsa or potato salad for an average of 7.95, and 10.95 for a wonderful beef bourguignon over mashed potatoes.

Typically, whether for lunch or dinner, I stick with the sandwiches since I can't get enough of either their bacon cheddar burger or fried chicken sandwich! The burger is thick and juicy with ample bacon and cheddar, green leaf & tomato,
pickles, red onion & 1000 island piled high on a bulkie roll. The chicken is tender and not at all greasy served with tomato, cheddar, bacon and a chipotle ranch dressing. Other delicious options are the "G" BLT - no skimping on the bacon there! - and the chicken salad, made interesting with the addition of fresh tarragon.

The drink menu is equally as large, ranging from inexpensive standbys like Narragansett Lager to great cocktails like the Salty Dog, my personal favorite, which is gin and kalamata olive brine with Gorgonzola stuffed kalamata olives. There's a slew of champagne cocktails, old standbys, fun beers like a 32 oz. Mississippi Mud, and some 2 dozen or so wines by both the bottle and glass.

I've only been once for their disco brunch (complete with classic disco music), but both their savory and sweet options were nicely done. The eggs benedict with Norwegian smoked salmon was great, and the Scandinavian waffles with powdered sugar, whipped butter & homemade syrup were pretty standard. I'd certainly return to try more of their breakfast items.

Overall I feel as though you can't go wrong with Geoffrey's - location, price, and variety are all just right and fit nicely within the spacious interior with high tables, a bar area, a regular dining area, and even a private dining area! A+!

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  1. OMG. Their fried chicken sandwiches are my favorite. And that potato salad is so good, I always eat every bit even though I'm usually so full I shouldn't!