Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Julia Child in Paris

For all you Julia Child fans out there...

Bryan and I decided to scope out some of Julia Child's old haunts in Paris.

In her book, "My Life in France" she talks about her flat that she lived in. Located at 81 Rue de L'Université (which Julia shortened to 81 Rue de Loo), Julia and her husband, Paul, lived in the top two floors of the old building. Here is where Julia first began to test recipes for her cookbooks and to learn the French styles and techniques that she would eventually bring to America. It's sad to note that there is no historical plaque on the building and the residents that live there now have never even heard of Julia Child (we asked). While Julia is a huge celebrity in the States, nary a French person outside of the culinary world (that we spoke to, at least) knew of her in Paris.

E. Dehillerin was Julia's favorite kitchen/cooking
supply shop. Located in Les Halles, right by the
famous "Au Pied de Cochon" restaurant, E. Dehillerin's has just about everything a chef would need. It has two floors of kitchen gadgets from a basement filled with copper pots to a wall filled with whisks (or wire whips, as Julia would say!). The prices are all listed in a book that's located in the front of the store. It was great walking around this place, we could see why Julia was in love with it.


  1. Merci Peter...too bad there's no plaque at her apartment building in Paris and sad that people didn't recognize her name...she was such a big personality here in the states....I wonder if there's any mention of her at Le Cordon Bleu where she took cooking classes. Could you check that out next time you're in Paris? DB

  2. I currently attend LCB-Paris. There is a kitchen and a few pics of her up at school. Remember that the reason why the French don't recognize her as much is because she brought French cooking TO the USA. There isn't much reason for the French to "know" her and love her as much as we do. I adore Julia but if you imagine the reverse - a chef bringing American cuisine to, say, Germany - we wouldn't know much about them either.

  3. I am leaving for Paris April 1,'10 and really wanted to rent Julia's old apt. Not available of course so we'll be on the Ile d'Cite. I would love to get together with fellow foodies or get some tips on where to find the best culinary antiques.

  4. You MUST go to E. Dehillerin. It is simply amazing!