Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Landing Restaurant & Bar - Newport, RI

Situated right on Bowen's Wharf amidst the hustle and bustle of Newport's waterfront and having outdoor patio dining, 'The Landing' seemed like a perfect spot for a relaxing lunch. Having been there last summer, I recalled a very nice experience with tasty seafood and resultantly threw it out there as a suggestion. A larger party, we were much to our surprise seated immediately on the patio. Unfortunately that would be the only 'immediate' service we would receive throughout the meal.

Despite sitting next to the bar, a number of hangovers prevented anyone from partaking in some local brews or beachy beverages, so after some 10 or 15 minutes we finally managed to get a round of waters. I was in the mood for an appetizer, and given that I was on the shores of Rhode Island I saw it fit to get some stuffed Quahogs - local clams minced with chouriço and breading. For those interested in some etymology, the word 'quahog' comes from the Narragansett 'poquauhock', which is how one of the Native American tribes named the clam species.

For my main dish I chose the steamers which were on daily special and simmered in a local beer whose name escapes me. Though a little on the sandy side, once washed off in the delicious clam water they were excellent. Christina went with the fish and chips which ended up being surprisingly tasty - not at all greasy or too heavily breaded with panco, the cod was nice and flaky. Christopher opted for the seafood salad roll which consisted of bay scallops, shrimp, and crab claw meat "in a blend of dill, lemon, and light mayonnaise". Maybe it was the light mayonnaise, but I personally didn't find this all too flavorful. I think when it comes down to it you just have to shell out the extra couple bucks for the lobster roll. Melanie went with another one of the specials, the grilled striped bass sandwich which she thoroughly enjoyed. Other members of our party ended up with clam chowder and filet of fish sandwiches, though unfortunately I couldn't get any commentary. Most everything looked delicious.

While the food was overall very tasty, I must say the service was atrocious. Half an hour between drink refills on a warm summer day, lack of silverware, and a forgotten lunch order were but a few of our issues. Fortunately this very much contrasted with my previous experience here, so I would definitely give it another go, perhaps staying later into the night for some time at the bar with live music.

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