Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mohegan Cafe & Brewery - Block Island, RI

After an adventure-filled day of biking around Block Island our appetites were in full force and ready for something hearty and delicious for a late lunch. A stone's throw from the Old Harbor Ferry dock is Mohegan Cafe & Brewery, a cozy pub-type joint that seemed to us very inviting. The restaurant is divided into two parts - a sizable bar area and a dining room, all of which is decorated with kitschy nautical decorations and some great photos of the Island from the past hundred or so years.

I absolutely love places that brew their own beer, and for such a small place it had a great selection of home brews including a light Pilsner, a refreshing Wheat beer, and even a Chili Pepper Ale. Since I knew I was ordering something with a little kick to it I just had to try the Chili Pepper Ale. It was surprisingly light and refreshing, but with a great chili after-taste - imagine the taste of a chili pepper without the heat. Chris opted for 'Joe's High Octane Brew', named for its apparently higher alcohol content, but also very tasty. While several reviews I have read highlighted "poor quality" brews from Mohegan Cafe, for my, I suppose, unsophisticated beer palate I thought the stuff was great.

There was an interesting-sounding cod and corn chowder that I ordered as my starter, but unfortunately the waitress misheard me and brought out their New England Clam chowder. Luckily this was delicious - very rich and creamy with nice chunks of clams like it should have. Our waitress was otherwise great so I didn't bother making a fuss about the mix-up.

For lunch there were a nice number of options - all kinds of sandwiches, burgers, salads, and seafood items. The Cuban Pork Sandwich with spicy Cuban fries caught my eye, as did the Chipotle chicken salad for Chris. My bread was nice and crispy, the pork very flavorful, and the spices and pickles complemented each other very nicely. The fries were delicious as well. Chris loved his chicken salad, but I thought it could have used a bit more overall flavor. The mayonnaise they used was a little on the bland side, though the Chipotle flavor definitely came through in the little bite of an aftertaste.

All in all I had a very nice experience and really enjoyed the laid-back, cozy atmosphere. I look forward to returning and trying some of their other home brews!

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  1. yum this all looks amazing! i've never been to block island, now i feel more motivated to go ;)