Sunday, August 9, 2009

Montréal 2009

We love to go to Montréal during the summer, and we recently got back from our latest trip. As usual, there were fun festivals going on, and we had a wonderful time. But of course, we also sought out some good food and found some yummy treats.

Having arrived rather late due to traffic issues, we took a nice stroll down Ste. Catherine and found some late-night beers and poutine, which was just what we needed. (You know how much I love poutine.) Durimg the summers in the Village, they close down Ste. Catherine to vehicle traffic and the restaurants and bars create huge street-side terrasses; so, we popped into one of the places still serving food. Unfortunately, we didn't take photos, but we had a lovely time sitting out on the terrasse people-watching.

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The next morning, we got an early start and had breakfast at Eggspectation, a place we knew we enjoyed having been there a few times before. As you probably assumed from the name, they offer eggs, eggs, and more eggs. It's great.

I usually get the "Tout Américain," which is the basic American breakfast one might find at any good diner, but this time I got the "Eggquoi?" which was eggs with corned beef hash. It was good—although a bit salty. P got the "Cabane à sucre," which is also like a full American breakfast but with the fun addition of crêpes with local maple syrup and also a side of baked beans.

(The badge below says it is in Chinatown, but that is not really the case. It is at Place des Arts.)
Eggspectation (Complexe Desjardins) on Urbanspoon

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That evening, we got a tip that Le Bourlingueur in the Vieux Port was not to be missed, so we headed that way to check it out. They bill themselves as a "French-Alsatian" restaurant and their menu changes daily with meals served 'table d'hôte' style (similar to a prix fixe menu and very common in the area). The table d'hôte comes with soup or salad, your choice of main dish, and dessert and coffee. The prices are excellent as was our food. I got the salmon quenelles which came with rice and parsnips, and P got the roasted pork which came with potatoes and parsnips. We definitely recommend Le Bourlingueur.
Bourlingueur (Le) on Urbanspoon
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The next day for lunch, we decided to take a walk up to the plateau to Schwartz's to have one of those big sandwiches we've heard so much about (see Jeff's post). When we got there, though, the line stretched further than our stomachs were willing to wait, so we went elsewhere. Maybe we'll try again next time...

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  1. I see we share a love for Montreal. Here's a blog post on Montreal you might enjoy.

    I hope to have another up next week.

    Thanks for the tips!