Friday, October 24, 2008


Church is a comfort-food  restaurant with a hip trendy atmosphere and attached music venue in the Fenway area.  The decor is relaxed and pleasant with tea-stained walls and brown leather chairs.  The restaurant is low-lit with many small candles on the tables and larger candles that sit in front of mirrors on the wall.

The menu is pretty simple flare.  Appetizers include salads, fried clams and beef empanadas.  Entrees range from pressed crispy duck to mac & cheese tp eggplant rollatini.  There is also a small sandwich menu consisting of a cheeseburger, reuben, and steak and cheese.  All the food comes in decent sized portions.  Entrees range from 15-21 dollars and sandwiches are about $12.  My favorite part about Church is the drink menu.  On top of wine and beer, Church offers 7 drinks named after the seven deadly sins.  A fun mixture of ingredients create unique cocktails that are just as much fun to drink as to order (the night we
 went, the waitress told us that they were out of "lust".  A friend told her not to worry, the table had enough of that to go around.)  For those of you who aren't familiar with the seven deadly sins I've listed them below as they appear on the menu:

GREED Using Hendricks Gin, St Germain liquer, diced cucumber, a pinch of white pepper and a salted cucumber to garnish, the White June demands it all…and who are we to stand in its way.

SLOTH There should be no rush when this one can end your night before it begins. So take it slow while sipping the Dark Ryeder, our take on a vintage manhattan. 

WRATH Back by popular demand…The Boilermaker. Bud depth-charged with Jack. Two old friends, together again. Drink back and become wrath. Sweet Mercy. 

GLUTTONY Over induldge your senses with Mother’s Milk, a rum based concoction with bananas, Thai coconut milk and mint chocolate. Mother knows best. 

VANITY Inspired by the legendary beauty herself, Sophia Loren has made a life long dedication to turning heads. Let us turn yours with The Loren, a vodka based cocktail made with fresh squeezed, sweetened, ruby red grapefruits. 

LUST The traditional sidecar driven down a different street. The Lavenderia is made with flowers and honey and buckets of Spanish brandy…a sidecar named desire. 

ENVY Made with Reyka Vodka

Last time we went to Church we ordered the cheeseburger, Reuben, garden salad, and the
 pressed crispy chicken.  On previous occasions we've ordered the mac & cheese and bacon wrapped pork loin.  While the burger is definitely one of the cheaper things on the menu, I didn't feel like 
it was that good.   I did not like the roll it was on which was very stiff on the outside.  The wrapped pork loin was delicious when I had it last and so was the mac & cheese.  The Reuben and garden salad looked and tasted good but nothing overtly awesome about them.  My favorite thing was the oil dipping sauce for the sliced bread.  The spices they used were a really nice medley and something a bit different then I was used to.  

Overall, Church is a good casual place to go to with friends.  Nothing too fancy but a nice atmosphere, decent food, good drink menu and a nice departure from the normal "Red Sox Nation" restaurants in the Fenway.

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