Saturday, October 4, 2008

Masa Restaurant

I've walked by Masa (located at 439 Tremont Street) and told myself I would eat dinner there so many times that I've lost count. A few years back, Masa started offering a good deal on brunch ($7.95) and so I tried it out but I couldn't judge the place accurately since yogurt & granola was hardly their typical food. So imagine my excitement when my friend Christina & Julie suggested we go eat there this past week...for dinner!!

Masa bills itself as Southwestern cuisine and it's decor reflects a more upscale, comfortable southwestern atmosphere with wrought-iron chandeliers, white curtains and typical southwestern'd be hard pressed to find an antelope skull or anything too cliche.

Christina and I arrived a bit earlier then Julie so we decided to start off with some drinks and an appetizer. Christina ordered a glass of white wine and I opted to try one of my favorite drinks, a dark and stormy ($9). The dark and stormy came in quite a large glass and tasted good although I don't think it was very strong.

For the appetizer we decided to order the roasted poblano and banana pepper spring rolls. The dish was good. It was spicy thanks to the poblanos but I couldn't taste much of the banana although I'm sure they cut down on the spice a bit. I don't think that "spring roll" was a good word to describe the dish because spring rolls are crispy but these rolls were pretty soft and did not look like a traditional spring roll. It was a good dish and helped wet our appetites for our main course.

At this point, Julie arrived and ordered some sort of raspberry muddled fruity-mojito for her drink. I tasted it and it was really good. It was sweet but also had this fresh-out-of-the-garden taste to it. I would recommend it if you like mojitos. I looked on the website and can't seem to find it on the menu though so it could have been a specialty drink for the day.

We also were given a bread basket filled with a french loaf type bread and good chunks of corn bread. There were three spreads to accompany the bread and each one was excellent. I wish we asked for more!

For the main course I ordered the southwestern style steak frites with chile dusted frites ($26). I was a bit skeptical at first since I think paying $26 for southwestern cuisine seems a bit much but by the end of my meal I wasn't even thinking about the price. The steak was great. The flavoring was good a bit spicy but not overdone and cooked just right. It was a tad bit cold though but the flavor was so good I didn't mind. The side greens had a pleasant dressing on them that accompanied the meat flavor very well and the frites tasted great (but they were a bit soggy). The portion size was just right for me and I think the size and quality of the meal was worth the price.

For Christina's main course she had the vegetarian entree which was charred corn and yucca stuffed poblano en croute ($18). Christina said it was like a fancy burrito but she enjoyed it (and ate it rather fast I might add!) Christina writes: The Charred Corn and Yucca Stuffed Poblano En Croute was the perfect combination of spice and everything nice! The vibrant colors also added to the meal’s overall experience.

After having had a few fork fulls of a bit of each ingredient on my plate to make the perfect bite, we realized we had forgotten to order the famous Red Chile Onion Rings. How deelish! With a spicy mustard dipping sauce, this plate made up of 4 large onion rings, left me having
to unbutton my pants at the table! Luckily, I was amongst some very lax company and we all left feeling “fully” satisfied and would recommend this restaurant to anyone!

Julie ate the crab and jalapeno stuffed fillet of sole enrollado. It was covered in a red chile sauce and came with a sweet maseca tamale. Julie really liked it saying it was very good. She promised a more detailed description very soon...
Overall, we really enjoyed Masa. We all agreed that we would return to Masa and recommend it to friends. So, if you are in the mood for more upscale Southwestern Cuisine, try it out, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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