Saturday, November 15, 2008

Morse Fish Company

For years, I passed the Morse Fish Company on Washington Street wanting to go in to take a look and, perhaps, get something fresh and delicious. I was always intrigued by the glimpses through the front window of their long display case and lobster tanks; but, alas, Peter's dislike for seafood always resulted in our bypassing this establishment.

I finally got my chance while my parents were in town. We decided to do a "surf & turf" dinner one night, so I thought this would be the perfect time to try out Morse Fish Company.

As we walked in we noticed that not only do they sell fresh fish, but they also have a quick-serve restaurant, where you can get all sorts of cooked seafood. I'll have to try the restaurant out soon and will post an update about that!

This particular day, the cases were full of nice salmon, swordfish, and tilapia among others. They also had a nice selection of shellfish. We decided on some tilapia and also took a few crab cakes that I noticed at the last minute. Both were delicious.

I'm especially happy to have found the crab cakes. For $1.75 (at time of writing), they are an amazing deal and delicious. I adore crab cakes, and these were nice with a smidgen of spice. Granted, they are not like Dean & Deluca's crab cakes; but, again, for that price, they can't be beat.

Next time you are in the South End and have a hankering for fish, try out Morse. Also, if anyone has eaten at the restaurant there, let me know how it is!

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