Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Babka

I made my first babka last night, and I was very excited about it. I did my mise en place of all the ingredients and got them to room temperature, in accordance with the recipe. I got out my KitchenAid and put on the dough hook. I followed the recipe to the "t," let everything rise, punched it down, and formed my loaves. But there is still something that I must be missing that only experience can teach you. The finished product is very tasty, but I feel like it was a little too crumbly, which might mean I needed to knead it a bit longer.

Here are my two best loaves packaged and ready for the Thanksgiving table. We'll see what the verdict is and maybe compare them to Momma Jane's?!

Next on my bread-making agenda is Memaw's Dilly Bread...yum!

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