Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sodas from Around the World

At Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida, Coca-Cola offers a taste of the different sodas that they sell from around the world. On a recent trip, we tried all of them, and here are a few observations I had:

Krest Ginger Ale (Mozambique): The ginger taste wasn't super strong but it was perfectly refreshing. This was probably my favorite out of the selections Coca-Cola offered.

VegitaBeta (Japan): The name reminded me of the "I Love Lucy" Vega-mite episode. I was expecting the worst with this drink but it actually is very sweet, and I enjoyed it. It's pinkish orange in color, if I remember correctly.

Beverly (Italy): Not what a typical American would expect from a soda. It is actually often drunk as an aperitivo in Italy. It has a bitter flavor and is not overly sweet, sort of like a very strong tonic water. This was the least favorite out of all of our friends except for Bryan and our 100% Italian friend, Marco, who really enjoyed it and blamed our tastebuds for expecting soda to always be sweet.

Mezzo Mix (Germany): Bryan's favorite soda while he lived in Germany. It is a mix of orange soda (like Fanta) and cola (Coke!). It might sound like a strange combination to some, but it's great. Tasting it again in Orlando brought back lots of memories for him. He even makes it himself when we go to a place with a self-serve soda fountain. Give it a try...

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