Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Country of Origin Labeling (C.O.O.L)

Starting this week, you may notice your meat, fruits and vegetables will be sporting a new look.  New federal regulations require that most produce be marked with a sticker declaring its country of origin.  Now, when you shop, it will be easier to know if you are buying local or from another state or even foreign country.  You may notice you prefer tomatoes from Mexico over California or lamb from Argentina over the Mid-West.  

These labels will not only help you shop locally and pinpoint what you like, they will help the FDA in case of a bacterial outbreak.  Consumers who are affected (or infected!) might be able to tell the FDA where the food they ate came from, cutting down on investigation time and helping to save other people from disease.

I don't know about you but I think it's a great idea.  It gives more power to the consumer.  And, if you enjoy collecting things, you can start your very own "Country of Origin" sticker collection.  How fun is that?!