Monday, September 1, 2008

Tamarind of Charlotte: Fine Indian Cuisine

Yesterday, we were guided by Lisa and Atul to an Indian restaurant they heard was outstanding, so Ellen and I happily submitted to their expert wise leadership and visited Tamarind of Charlotte at 6420 Carmel Road.

All of us being well aged, we arrived early to meet our reservation time and found the Labor Day traffic to be very light. We enjoyed the uncrowded welcome at the door and were impressed with the well executed Statue of Ganesha.

Upon being seated and presented the menus, Atul asked our waiter to suggest a shared meal which would include two meat dishes and two vegetable dishes. The waiter's response was, "What shall the spice level be?". I immediately felt we were in good hands. I have faced health issues recently which causes me to be timid with the "spice level". The rest of the group acquiesed to my needs and chose "medium". The waiter's choices were excellent.

Our appetizer was a sampler of Aloo Tikkyas, spicy potato cakes with tamarind and mint sauce; Lucknow Ke Bhajia, crispy light fritters with fresh baby spinach, banana and homemade cheese; Potli Samosa, crispy turnovers with seasoned potatoes and peas; Hara Bhara Kabab, fresh baby spinach and cheese flavored with allspice.

Each of us commented that this sampler and the sauces were exactly to our liking. Ellen, our designated driver, did not allow herself to enjoy a Kingfisher beer which added another dimension to this beginning.

The main dishes arrived simultaneously and their presentation was excellent. Small copper chafing dishes promised hot food throughout the meal regardless of how lengthy our conversations.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

Chicken Tikka Masala

Kerala Fish Curry

Dum Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and Cauliflower simmered in onion, tomato & saffron

All this, along with plain and garlic Naan, and Basmati Rice, was a sumptuous meal for the four of us. The wait staff was attentive and courteous. We dawdled awhile to catch up on events since Atul and Lisa last visited America. Sweet Summer Rain fell outside as we finished our main courses and contemplated Dessert.

All three others chose Mango Pista Gelato while I, the designated beer drinker, abstained from dessert so I could continue snapping photos for this post.

Mango Pista Gelato

We left Tamarind after exchanging URLs and promising to send the link to this blog, contented and thankful we were introduced to this experience. When you are in Charlotte, I recommend you have a meal here and enjoy.

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