Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Starbucks' "Perfect Oatmeal"

Starbucks was giving away free coffee and oatmeal samples today in front of Back Bay station. Hungry and needing caffeine, I stopped, of course.

They were serving Pike Place roast, which was very nice. (I drink my coffee with only a little cream, and this coffee was just right...not even bitter!) ... Ok, I just looked it up, and SBUX is billing its Pike Place Roast as their "smoothest coffee ever." So, I guess that fits my experience.

They were also serving their new "Perfect Oatmeal," which came with these little perfectly portioned packets of toppings: Brown sugar (50 Cal.); Dried Fruit: cranberries, raisins, blueberries, and cherries (100 Cal.); and Nut Medley (100 Cal.). Of course, there is also cream or milk to add as a topping.  I got one of each of the packets to try them out. 

When she gave me the little covered bowl of oatmeal, she told me to wait 3 minutes for it to cook. I was walking to the T, so that worked-out just fine. Once on the T, I didn't want to eat it there (PSA: We have to be polite and think of others on public transportation!). So, about 40 minutes later in my office, I enjoyed my oatmeal after zapping it for merely 25 seconds just to bring it back up to temperature. I didn't use all of the toppings, but I tried each one (okay, I did use all of the brown sugar!). The dried fruit was really delicious.  I don't know if Starbucks' oatmeal is "perfect," but it was surely the perfect free oatmeal!  I wonder how much it costs in the store...

One thing I liked was that they had the toppings in pre-portioned packs. That's great for people counting calories or just wanting to know exactly what they are eating. Again, I wonder what it is like in the store. Here is nutritional information about the oatmeal by itself from Starbucks' website. Nutritional facts about the oatmeal with toppings are also available there.


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