Thursday, September 4, 2008


Living just down the block from Zócalo and passing it nearly every day for the past 3 months, it was certainly about time I stopped in for dinner. Thanks to I was able to purchase a $25 gift certificate for a mere $4 (labor day promotion - normally they are $10), further enticing me to head on over.

Inside the restaurant is very nicely decorated with warm colors and fun tiling. There are both booths and tables, with a number the tables along the big window on Comm Ave. This provides a great people-watching opportunity if your dinner-date bores you and also lets in plenty of light.

We started out ordering a half-pitcher of the mango sangria. Priced at $11, it was a good deal compared to the prices of other places that offer Sangria. There are a number of other varieties both red and white, including apple and kiwi, but we were both very happy with the mango. It was nice and sweet and seemed to have been aged for just the right time. The only thing that surprised me was that there were no chunks of fruit or anything in the pitcher, which would have been nice. They also have a nice sized wine menu and or course Margaritas.

As an appetizer we got the guacamole, and in a mere 30 seconds after placing our order another server came with a cart of all the ingredients for making the guacamole right at our table. I LOVE Guacamole, and this certainly did not disappoint! There was also plenty of it, so no complaints there. They served it with some very good tortilla chips and also a really good salsa with a really nice smokey flavor.

For my main course I oddly enough chose the Atún con mole, a seared tuna steak with a mild chocolate chile sauce accompanied with black beans and rice. The beans and rice were nothing special, but the tuna steak was very nice and I loved the sauce. I told them to make my tuna as rare as they could, but it came medium rare. Grant it, they could have served it raw and I would have loved it, so perhaps I'm not the best judge of seared tuna steaks.

Christopher chose the cochinita pibil which is shredded braised pork with tomato,orange, onions, chiles & chipotle sauce, also served with rice and beans. His dish was delicious - anyone who loves pulled pork and also Mexican flavors would make a great choice in ordering this.

With its reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, and extensive menu, I look forward to my next meal at Zócalo in Brighton. Check out their website for more information!

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