Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Junior's - NYC

Junior’s Deli – Expensive and Blah.

With only an hour left before leaving NYC, we decided again to have a quick lunch around the hotel before driving back to Boston. Kristine had noticed a place called Junior’s Deli, on west 45th street, across the street from our hotel. It looked like a old fashioned deli, and seemed kind of fun. So, we stopped in.

Sunday was an exceptionally warm afternoon (65 degrees) and when we walked into the restaurant, it was SO hot, we started to sweat. Seriously, it must have been 80 in the room. The host sat us, and everyone seemed to be fanning themselves. We were miserable, and almost walked out, but saw a seat on the patio open. Yes, the patio was open in Mid December. Thanks, Global Warming. They were nice enough to reseat us.

On the way to our seat, a waiter pushed Jon out of the way carrying a tray of food, and only said sorry when he was practically out of earshot. The waitress took our orders. Jed asked for a hamburger, but asked if the bun could not be toasted. She said, “If they’re busy, they’re just going to toast it anyway.” Ok. Jon and Kristine got a salad and half sandwich combo, and I got a chicken salad sandwich. No sides came with any of the meals. A communal serving of cole slaw, pickled beets and pickles were served to the table in lieu of bread. All were good.

My sandwich was great. Big thick chucks of chicken, with not a lot of mayo. It was kind of weird not having fries or anything, but I managed. Jed’s hamburger bun was of course buttered and grilled and soggy even before the burger touched it. Exactly what he didn’t want. Poor Jon picked up the pepper half way through his meal, and the top came off, spilling the entire shaker onto his meal, ruining it. The waitress cleared our plates, looked at Jon’s plate with a mound of pepper, and didn’t say a word. Didn’t ask if everything was ok, and didn’t ask if she could get him something else. We left quickly, and Jon got a delicious chicken-on-a-stick from a street vendor.

The food at Junior’s was satisfactory, the service was minimal, and I ended up paying $14.00 for a chicken salad sandwich, with nothing on it.

Do not go to Junior’s. That’s my humble opinion. You’ll have a much better time at O’Lunney’s across the street.

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