Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zuma Tex-Mex Grill

We're always in search of a good Tex-Mex place. After Marco did a quick google search, he came across Zuma's in Faneuil Hall. We decided to try it out on a Thursday night. After a few minutes searching (the map online is wrong), we finally found it located next to Newbury Comics in the basement of one of the arcades. The place was pretty dead. There were maybe 4 or 5 other tables filled but the atmosphere was comfortable and inviting and we settled in ready for our meal. Prices at Zuma's are reasonable. Meals are generally around 10-15 bucks and portions are a nice size. We were served the endless tortilla chips and ate two baskets of them. They were good, needed some salt, but good. The salsa was pretty spicy (I was surprised) but it was also good. A few of us ordered drinks. Marco, Jeremy, and Bob ordered frozen Margaritas which were $7.95 a piece. The drinks were fine, but not as good as Fajita's and Ritas and for the price, it's a much better deal over at F&R. For dinner, I ordered the enchilada verde ($9.95). It was good, but dry. Normally, an enchilada verde comes covered in verde sauce but this did not, instead, it was covered in cheese. I think if they served it with some sour cream it would have been okay. The rice was a bit dry too and the beans were just okay. It had a lot of potential and I think if it was just a bit more moist I would have loved it. Bob and Marco had the quesadillas (Bob had the grilled steak, Marco, the chicken). They both enjoyed their meals. Marco did comment that his was dry as well. Jeremy had a burrito and it came with a knife stabbed into it. He had the same comment as Marco and myself. It was good but a bit dry.

Overall, Zuma Tex-Mex Grill was enjoyable. I would definitely go back (but perhaps at lunch when they were busier so the service would be quicker and the food maybe less dry since a fast turn-over would be required). Zuma's would be a great after-work or work-lunch place. I think they might have been having an off night when we experienced the dryer food so I would want to go back before I made my final decision on this place.

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