Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Villa

We were so excited to try the Villa the other night. We'd hear good things about if from the Dean, and she and Adam have been before and loved it. So, on a rainy night, hungry for Italian food, we made our way over to Wayland. As we walk in, we were greeted and immediately sat in a small booth. Taking a look at the full parking lot, I was worried we would have to wait, but luckily we didn't.

Peter and I both were craving chicken Parmigiana for some reason, so that's what we ended up getting. Sometimes, you just want comfort food! Peter got the Chicken Parm special, and I got a combo with Chicken Parm and Baked Lasagne. The Chicken Parm was good, but my favorite was their Lasagne.

Adam got the Prime Rib special and absolutely loved it--and it was only around $14!
Also, for dessert, they had quite an assortment of desserts "made in the North End." I also saw that they had Spumoni, which is one of my (and my family's) favorite Italian desserts. Their version was not my favorite, but it was still good.

The Villa Restaurant
124 East Plain Street
Wayland, MA 01778
Tel: (508) 653-8570

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