Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lookout Farm

This weekend, Marco wanted to go strawberry picking for his birthday so we made out way to Natick, MA and stopped off at Lookout Farm owned by the Belkin Family. Established in 1651, Outlook farm is one of the oldest working farms in the country. The farm has apple, peach, pear trees as well as strawberries to pick! For strawberry picking, it'll cost you 8 bucks per person plus $5.99 for a pint or $10.99 for a quart basket. To get to the strawberry fields (forever...ha ha) you have to hop on a "train" and ride for about 5 minutes, you'll get a tour along the way and get to see a lot of fruit trees too.

The strawberry fields are decently sized but not too much to look at at first glance. Once you get off the train and start to actually inspect the plants though, you'll find a ton of ready-to-eat, ripe strawberries that are so juicy they explode in your mouth. Store-bought berries don't compare.

After we went picking, we came home and made the Barefoot Contessa's Strawberry Country Cake which everyone seemed to really enjoy. You can get the recipe here.

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  1. Seriously, the cake was absolutely amazing. I recommend this recipe highly. P made the cake ahead of time and froze it, unthawing it the morning before we made the dessert. It came out perfectly.