Monday, June 22, 2009

Super Shawarma in the South End | شاورما في سوث إند

We were greeted warmly by our gracious hostess for the evening. She quickly sat us at a table for four and brought us menus. She was very excited to tell us that they’d just gotten their license and that beer and wine were now available. She went away, and we sat looking at our menus, very excited that we’d taken the short walk in the rain to Pita.

The atmosphere was clean and warm, and we especially liked the mural of a Moroccan desert village they had painted above the counter.

I asked a few questions, and we gathered that, in fact, Pita is a new establishment as we had thought. It is a family business which opened about a month ago. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have a nice (reasonably priced) catering menu. As mentioned, they also have a beer and wine available.

We decided upon our food—and a glass of wine each. The wine came; it was a Mirassou Sauvingnon Blanc. We received a generous pour of this nice, fruity, not-too-dry wine; and, at $6 a glass, we were very happy.

For food, Jeffrey and I chose Pita Roll-ups, Chicken Shawarma and Kafta, respectively. (Pita Roll-ups are on special for $5 on Mondays!) They come with diced tomatoes, cucmbers, and tahini sauce. Peter chose the Chicken Shish Kabob combo plate, which comes with Moroccan rice and “Mediterranean salad.”

When the food came, there was a slight mix-up with the order (Peter ended up with Kafta—pictured below—instead of the Chicken Kabobs). This was quickly rectified, and P was told to enjoy the Kafta while he (briefly) waited. 

My Kafta shawarma, was really delicious. The katfa were very nicely seasoned and char-grilled. The accoutrements went very nicely, and there was just the right amount of tahini sauce to give that nice flavor yet not be soggy. Jeff also enjoyed his very much: "I really liked the sauce and thought the bread was super good." Before bringing the roll-ups to the table, they were placed on a panini press to warm the bread and give it a subtle brown.

Peter enjoyed his chicken shish kabobs and the combo plate very much. The chicken was extremly tender and moist and seasoned well. (He was not as huge a fan of the kafta as I was, though. While he very much enjoyed the seasoning and flavor, he thought they were a bit dry.) The rice and fresh Mediterranean salad that came with the combo plate were delicious; the star was the salad dressing itself, though. It was like a French vinaigrette, yet it had a wonderful Maghreb herbs-and-spices twist.

I will definitely go back for the friendly service, tasty food, and reasonable prices to boot.

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  1. I will definitely go back but my kafta was very dry and the portion was small. The chicken was very good though. Jeffrey and I also had the baklava and thought it needed a lot more honey and nuts, you mostly just tasted the filo-dough.