Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pita in the South End

I just came across a (new?) restaurant as I was taking a walk in a part of the South End I rarely go to--until now.

I was headed to Zapatos on Albany street (an awesome shop for amazing deals on shoes and various articles of clothing), when I passed this place called simply "Pita." Well, I was both intrigued and excited since I love Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. So, I walked in and got a menu.

It was, unfortunately completely void of customers at 10:00-ish when I walked in, but the restaurant was nice and clean and seemed fairly new or newly remodeled.

The menu looked great, and the prices were very reasonable. They serve typical breakfast fare from 6am on weekdays, and the lunch and dinner offerings made my mouth water: salads, shawarma, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, baklava, etc.

I can't wait to try them out. (I didn't yesterday since I already had lunch plans.) I'm so glad to have found it, and I plan to become a regular (assuming it's good!).
Does anyone know anything about this restaurant? Know how long has it been there?


Les Gourmands finally made it there. Here's what we thought. 


473 Albany St at Union Park St.
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