Friday, August 1, 2008

Fajitas & Ritas

We've already talked about how we frequent Fajita's and Rita's--often on Thursdays. Well, last night wasn't any different. Other than the cheap margaritas, one of the main draws--for me, at least--is the staff. Usually, we have one of the really fun waitresses who have come to know us from our many visits. Last night, however, we had "Pal" who is usually behind the bar as our server--we think because "Shakira" must have on vacation.

Well, we were disappointed. "Pal" should remain behind the bar and leave the tables to the fabulous ladies.

Adam, for one, was not happy. Let's see what he has to say about it.

"It's always disappointing when we're stuck with a waiter who doesn't know us, and last night, that was the case. Nothing especially stood-out with the food: we started with chips and salsa, and the salsa--although runny--was spicier than normal. Peter says that the chips were better than normal...maybe they used different oil.

"I have three standy-by entrées that I tend to order. 1.) the tequila chicken wings, and side salad with cheese and what's almost like a peppercorn dressing. The tequila wings are very spicy, but they are delicious and are served with good blue cheese dressing. Once, I thought I could eat a large order by myself, but I do not recommend doing that. 2.) The steak quesadilla. The order comes with two quesadillas. It's a very filling meal. Sometimes, the tortillas can be overcooked." (Peter: "But that's' when you just smother on the entire pile of sour cream and guacamole!) "Yes, they serve it w/ sour cream and guacamole, but I would like to see a nice chunky salsa."Last night I went with my third standy: 3.) the pulled pork sandwich. The meat is done very well, and their barbecue sauce is very flavorful. My favourite part of the sandwich is the roll, which is better than a plain hamburger bun but not as thick as sourdough bread. I'm guessing they get it from Piantedosi.

"Also, last night, it was a struggle for us to get glasses of water." (This wouldn't have happened at Chef Chang's!)

Peter would like to say something: "I think that while the food at F&R is decent, the margaritas are excellent for their pricepoint. The best margarita to have is the pitcher of frozen strawberry margarita. It can accommodate 3-4 people, and the bartender has a heavy hand w/ the tquila, which is masked nicely by the strong strawberry flavor. Two glasses, and you'll be feeling good. Bryan always gets his margaritas straight-up with salt, and he seems to really enjoy them!"

Yes, F&R's original margarita, straight-up, with salt is my preferred beverage on Thursday nights--there's no doubt.

Remember to show your Charlie Card for 10% of your food order. (They'll say you have to have a coupon, but don't let them fool you. Check out for full details...)

Adam: "I give F&R a B/B+."
Bryan: "While we were disappointed by the service last night, we'll not let that deter us from going long as we get 'Shakira' back!!"
Peter: "A very fun place to go on a Thursday night."

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  1. Last night (Thursday, of course!), we went back to F&R. We had a great experience like we're used to having! "Melanie" was our waitress, and she's wonderful. The amazing "Fatima", was also present running food, and they made a great team!

    "Pal" was back behind the bar, and the drinks were great as always!

    I look forward to my next visit...