Friday, August 15, 2008

Flour Bakery + Cafe

Bryan and I were lucky enough to both have the day off. It doesn't happen very often so we decided to venture out for a quick morning bite. We had heard a lot about Flour so we made our way down to Washington Street to check it out.

Flour is an upscale bakery with a light-relaxed atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the walls are covered in blackboard scrawling and there is a jovial buzz to the place. It feels like the local neighborhood joint and that's exactly what it is.

Upon arriving, Bryan went in to order for us (I told him to surprise me) while I secured a seat outside. There was already a fast moving line inside and tables seemed to be a rare commodity. I snatched one up besides two women who were discussing the faux-pas of not bringing gifts to a party. After a bit, Bryan joined me carrying two wicker baskets, a huge cup filled with parfait, and a large latte.

In the first basket was a cinnamon cream brioche ($2.95). It was awesome. Somewhat similar to a cheese danish, the brioche was light but not at all as greasy as a danish can be. The cinnamon sugar around the edges added just the right touch.
In the second basket was an egg sandwich ($5.95). The egg sandwich was made of eggs and bacon mixed together and then baked (which resulted in very delicious and fluffy eggs), lettuce and tomato, on a scrumptious focaccia roll.

The yogurt parfait was perfect as well. There were fresh raspberries mixed in with dried cranberries and granola. It was plenty of food for two, but I ate it all by myself since it was so good.

Flour was a great find for us. I'm sure we will go back very soon. After all, they do serve lunch!

Flour is located at 1595 Washington Street, in the South End. It serves breakfast and lunch daily.

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  1. Sounds great! This is a place I've been meaning to try but just never get to. Glad to hear it lives up to its reputation!

  2. Flour is one of my favorite places. definitely try the sandwiches some time!