Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Plum Produce

Okay, I have to admit...this little (and I do mean little) store in the South End, catches my eye every time I walk by. Plum is billed as a small neighborhood shop that carries chef-quality ingredients for the cook at home. Every time I walk by, the store is brightly lit with an assortment of colorful vegetables on display. Plum is owned by Boston Chef Barbara Lynch (who also owns the Butcher Shop next door and cooks at No. 9 Park) and boasts high quality and unique produce from pluots to rose petals. The produce is governed by the local weather so don't expect to find peas in the middle of a Boston snowstorm. All the produce is from local farms and that by itself is reason to visit and support the store. Laid out on trays and in small groupings, Plum is visually appealing (much more so then the huge piles of produce at the grocery store). You can tell this is high quality stuff just by looking at it. The only problem Plum poses (alliterations are fun!) is that, due to its ever changing produce, it's a bit hard to plan a meal ahead of time. You are better off shopping at Plum first and then basing your dinner around what looks good in the store that day.

Plum is located at 106 Waltham Street, directly off of Tremont Street in the South End.


  1. What a unique boutique produce store! Is the butcher as lovely?

  2. I've never been to "The Butcher Shop" next door but I hear from friends it's not only an awesome wine bar but the meat there that you can buy to bring home is top notch