Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Upper Crust

Growing up in New Jersey, I always had a lot of pizza options that I found Boston was lacking in (at least at the time). In High School, my friends and I would always hit up a local pizza joint that served Neapolitan pizza and go crazy over it. Needless to say, when I first saw an Upper Crust on Charles street, in Beacon Hill, I was very excited. It took me awhile to muster the courage to go into the Beacon Hill branch. The prices on the menu seemed too high for a college student and the place was always crowded with only one big table to accommodate everyone (eating with strangers? Talk about intimidation for an 18 year old!).

After college, I eventually mustered up the courage (and cash) to eat at the Upper Crust. The Upper Crust uses, "only the best ingredients to create an authentic, thin Neapolitan style pizza." My first trip in, I was not very adventurous and although I thought many of the pies on the menu sounded mouth watering, the "slice of the day" in my mind, did not. Since The Upper Crust's specialty pies can only be ordered by the whole pie and not just the slice (the "slice of the day" is the exception), I opted for the pepperoni. It was good. Not $3 good but good.

Over the years, I've found myself at the Upper Crust on Charles more often then not. A friend lived across the way so if we wanted a quick bite, that was the place to go. After my many trips there (and now in the South End location), I have realized that it's not the simple pizza (plain/pepperoni) that The Upper Crust excels at. It's the specialty pies. Just tonight, I feasted on the "Slightly Pesto". It was perfect. The crust was thin and just a bit crunchy and slightly burnt on the bottom (the way it should be!). The pesto mixed well with the cheese and chunks of tomato and by the end I realized I could have ordered another slice.

Other specialties include:
Pedro's Steak & Gorgonzola
Margherita pizza topped with marinated steak and gorgonzola cheese
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Grilled white meat chicken, chopped olives and onion (jalapeno peppers optional)
Charles Street
portabella mushroom, sundried tomatoes and freshly chopped garlic

While the prices at TUC are pretty high (a slice goes for 3 bucks, a small pie at 14" for about $15, and a large at 18" for about $20) if you get the specialty slices or pies it's worth it. Plus, it's one of the few places, outside of the North End, that you can get a Neapolitan pizza.

The Upper Crust has four locations in Boston Proper (Newbury St, Tremont St, Charles St, and Summer St.)

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