Monday, August 18, 2008

Guten Appetit!

Kathy: Reporting back from Germany!

Well I have returned from Germany, the Land of Perfect as my fiancé calls it! Although I can not confirm that, I will say the food in Germany is outstanding! And I did my fair share of eating! I was very impressed with the numerous outdoor markets! The olives were to die for!

We spent most of our dining experiences in the Northern Rheine region. In Moers we had curry sausage called, Currywurst with pommes frites (AKA French Fries). The key to this dish, is the sauce. The sausage itself is usually a simple fine bratwurst.

We also traveled to Munich and enjoyed some traditional Bavarian food, and beer! Perhaps the most famous beer gardens in the world is in Munich, the Hofbräuhaus! They brew their own beer and serve a very traditional Bavarian dish, White Sausage, or Weisswurst. Although this sausage does look a bit strange, it is delicious. It is boiled and therefore does not turn brown. They serve it with a sweet mustard that I was just crazy about! I smuggled some back to the States! The skin of the sausage is very hard and therefore not eaten. Most Germans suck the Weisswurst out from the skin. My stomach was a bit too weak for that, so I carefully cut the skin off and enjoyed!
You wash the Weisswurst down with about one liter of HB beer!

And of course, no trip to Germany would be complete without a pretzel! I was skeptical that the German Pretzel could really be that much better than an American one. I was proved wrong! I don't know what type of dough they use or how they cook them, but the German Pretzel is truly superior!

Well what about breakfast?
This is a traditional German Breakfast.
It consists of an egg (usually hardboiled), a slice of ham, slice of
cucumber, slice of tomatoe, slice of cheese
(usually Gouda), and a croissant and/ or roll.

If all of this looks a bit too heavy for your taste, there were salads to choose. The vegetables in Germany are very fresh and make for an incredible salad. I enjoyed a Fried Goat Cheese salad.

After being in Germany for so long, we decided to make some food items to remind us of home. Michael smoked some pork ribs and made a homemade BBQ sauce.
Ingredients included:
Spicy Ketchup as base, olive oil, sherry vinegar, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika powder, garlic, chilli, honey and brown sugar, and maybe a spit of tequila.
He smoked the ribs for 6 hours at about 250 degrees F.
During those 6 hours we drank a 5 liters of Becks! Yum! Oddly, the beer in Germany does not provide you with a hangover the following day. I'll have to look into why that is.

I then used the Lemon Square recipe on this blog from Adrienne. It was a nice treat!

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