Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bagel Rising - Allston

after alex and i dragged our behinds home from the south end, i decided that i needed a bagel slathered in cream cheese to help ease myself into the morning. i had picked up the latest Improper Bostonian, the "Boston's Best" issue, and as i paged through it i noticed that none other than Bagel Rising, the little establishment a mere block or two from my apartment, was listed as best bagel place. and so it was settled.

at just before 8 in the morning the place was already bustling, and one of the guys behind the counter warmly greeted me. i was a bit of a mess and had trouble forming sentences, but I managed to order an everything bagel with the lox cream cheese spread. i was quite excited seeing how plump and fresh all the bagels looked in the baskets behind the counter. it came to a little over $2 - perfect.

it was just my luck that they were out of the lox spread, so bageltran9000 offered me actual lox instead, free of charge. now normally the real lox knocks the price up to around $6 from what i recall, so i was quite excited to be the recipient of such a bargain.

the first bite was divine - the bagel was still warm, and the cream cheese was, well, creamy! the "everything" part was just as i liked it - nice chunks of onions both crunchy and caramelized, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc. i had just the right amount of lox so i could eat the bagel in 4 parts, yet still have enough lox for each piece. i must say i do not plan on getting a DD's bagel anytime soon in my neighborhood.

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