Friday, July 11, 2008

Morning at the mahket

I can think of few places better to spend one's post-Estate hangover than downtown at the fruit and vegetable market. Since moving into my apartment last May I have made an attempt to, each Friday morning, venture out into the city to Haymarket for an abundance of über cheap and fresh fruits and vegetables from presumably local growers. When it's cool enough there is also fresh fish - my favorite part.

today's venture cost me a mere $14, and this is what I got

1 carton strawberries
1 bunch bananas
1 lb seedless green grapes
6 Valencia oranges
4 plums
2 broccoli crowns
2 bunches of Romaine
1 lb snap peas
2 eggplants
1 lb tomatoes
1 lb red peppers
2 lb yellow squash

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