Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fantastic Fin's

We had a staff meeting today, and for lunch, we like to order from Fin's Sushi at Cleveland Circle. Originally, Adam and Peter were quite distressed when Chef Choy's House closed for "renovations" and ended up not reopening. Kathy has her own ideas about that, but that'll have to wait for another time.

The point is that this new place called Fin's opened. Boycotted by A & P at first, we finally checked it out, and I for one have been a huge fan ever since. I know Kathy, Dani, and Jeff will agree (especially since the latter two and I would gorge ourselves on sushi during our seemingly endless paper on negation across the Romance languages. I don't think we'd have finished otherwise.).  As usual, I digress.

So, we ordered lunch today. Aside from great sushi (the Idaho Maki--a Sweet Potato Tempura roll--is a fun one that Dani and I had never had before), Fin's has a wonderful selection of Lunch specials--including various Bentō lunches.

The Bentō are not only delicious and nutritious, they are also a GREAT deal. For around $8, you get your choice of main dish, plus rice, salad, 2 gyōza, miso soup, 2 pieces of california maki, and fruit. It's great!

Kathy, Peter, Natalie, and I all had the Chicken Curry Katsu Bentō (thanks to Natalie's recommendation). Rob got the Tempura Bentō.

Kathy is back from another meeting and having some of her leftovers now (yes, there's enough food for leftovers--even though I ate all of mine.) Let's see what she has to say....

B -- "Kathy, Please decribe your Bentō."

K -- "Have you told everyone what comes with the Bentō special?"

B -- "Yes."

K -- "Oh. Well, I'd say the Chicken Curry Bentō has a little bit of a kick, but not too much. The curry smell is enticing, and even though one might think that a Chicken Curry Katsu Bentō would be a heavier meal, it is refreshingly delicious with the salad, fruit, and California Maki."

B -- "I agree."

K -- "I just love this dressing that they put on the salad."

B -- "Mmhhmm. It's ginger dressing."

K -- "Ginger and Mango?"

B -- "Perhaps, I'm not sure.

Natalie has just chimed in to inform us that Fin's has opened up a number of additional locations across the city. So, check out the other locations at Symphony and Kenmore.

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