Monday, July 21, 2008

La Verdad Taquería Mexicana - ¿Numero uno? ¡No es la verdad!

So, the March 2008 issue of Bon Appétit lists La Verdad Taquería as "#1 in the USA." 

The whole lot of us went last week to try it out. I hate to say it, but "#1 in the USA" can't be true. Yes, our tacos were good, fresh, and were made well; but, they were not spectacular. For me, they lacked flavor.

I was really excited when I saw the menu. They have a lot of really interesting tacos, and among us, we sampled quite a few of them. Everyone made the same comment: they were good, but not fantastic--missing something. 
Plus, we felt that the price was a little steep for what we got, which made it even less appealing. With an average of about $10 per taco plate at La Verdad, we know that we can go over to Anna's or Felipe's and get the same amount of food for much less AND they'd be really delicious. 

Marco got the Chicken Milenesa Torta and loved it. It did look really good.

The pièce de résistance for me (and Adam might agree) was the grilled corn. For under $5, we got two ears of corn grilled, topped with a bit of a mayonnaise, sprinkled with cojito cheese, and dusted with a bit of powdered chili.  They were also served with some lime on the side. It was delicious! Peter and I got a similar dish at Toro (also a Ken Oringer restaurant) once, and it was as good, but I think twice the price!

Yes, I'd go back to La Verdad--I  just hope then, that they could convince us of their #1 status. 

Stay tuned...

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  1. I agree that the corn was excellent. It could have been a little spicier though!

    The best value seems to be the burrito--it was enormous and cheaper than any of the taco plates. For their size, the tacos seemed expensive to me and the pitchers of margaritas were outrageous in comparison to other Mexican restaurants we frequent.

    Returning to atmosphere...there were some complaints in our group that the restaurant smelled like diapers...seriously.

    With many other choices including Anna's Taqueria, Sol Azteca, and Fajitas and Ritas, I'd think twice before returning.

  2. A small group of us just ate there last night and if Bon Appetite thinks this is the best in the US, it's time to cancel your subscription. I had the burrito and it reminded me of something you might get at taco bell. Tightly wrapped in paper and delivered to you on a plate - no presentation whatsoever. Definitely improved in flavor after putting some salsa on top.