Monday, July 28, 2008

Cucumber Ice Cream?!

So, having read Boston Chomp's posting on the cucumber ice cream at J.P. Licks, I decided I had to try it.
Wow!  It sure did taste like cucumbers. "But, cucumber ice cream?!," you say?  "Yes!," I respond. It worked and was nicely refreshing on a hot summer day.

Also enjoyed that day was the fresh peach flavor (a seasonal flavor along w/ fresh cucumber, et al.) and mint chocolate chip.  No Complaints.

Actually, while I'm on the topic, on another hot summer day last week, I stopped at Picco for my all-time favorite ice cream in the South End: Cinnamon.  If you've never had Picco's cinnamon ice cream, you must stop reading this and go now! That day, I actually had them fill my cup with half cinnamon and half coffee. Their coffee might as well be my 2nd all-time favorite ice cream in the South End--it's like sweet frozen espresso and is not for those of you who drink decaf! 

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  1. I love coffee. Will have to try the coffee! The passionfruit mango I got at Picco a couple weeks back was quite delicious as well! Very sweet but good.

  2. Reading about the cucumber ice cream reminds me of the refreshing Mustokhiar that I recently had at Friend's Cafe and Hookah Bar in Clemson, SC.

    Mustokhiar is plain yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers and mint. The subtle flavors meld well to create a cool palate cleanser. Mmm.

  3. Yes, Mini, you'll definitely have to try the coffee. I don't usually have any of the fruit flavors since I like to go for their ginger/cinnamon/coffee-type flavors, but I've never been disappointed with Picco's ice cream--except that one time the adulterated the cinnamon ice cream with chocolate shavings. (That did NOT do it for me...messed up the texture or something.)

  4. One who is, this mustokhiar of which you speak sounds very similar to the raïta I get when I go to Indian's delicious and cool, and yes, serves as a palate cleanser or to dampen the heat for those who can't take the spiciness! :-)